Our dogs...

Rubrik: Labrador retriever

Our dogs

Lillimar's Take My Breath Away

Lillimar's The Winters Tale

Noelany Lady of the lake

Podengo Portugues pequeno

Jomgårdens Alizza "Alizza"

FI UCH SEUCH Feuer Frei Kohinoor von Grimm "Karamell"



Some dogs that have left traces behind...
SUCH FINUCH Älvgårdens Kahlua

Älvgårdens Walla-Walla

Lillimar's Black Russian For Me

Imp's Batman

Lillimar's Kiss of the Spider Woman

Lillimar's Taste of Honey

Attikonak Num-E-Row Ooh-No

Lillimar's Mamma Mia

Attikonak Nicer Than Nice Lillimar


Tjotte's Mind your eye

Lillimar's Pearls Of Passion

Lillimar's Dark Chocolate Comtesse

Viranords Axinit






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