Welcome to Lillimars kennel
We live 15 km outside Luleå, surrounded by both water and woods. The dogs live inside the house and spend most of their time with the family. In this environment, the puppies are brought up.

The kennel has a small scale breeding with one or two litters per year. We strive to breed healthy and mentally stable labradors with representative look. This should result in a dog who brings joy to it´s family whether they are interested in dog shows, hunting or just having an active family dog.

Our first labrador came to our house 40 years ago. We had bought a springer spaniel some years before and had at that kennel met Puhs Marina, who swept us off our feet. When Marina had her next litter we bought one of her puppies and this is how it got started. Our first litter was born in 1976. We kept one puppy, but at this level it stayed for several years since children and work took a lot of our time.

Kahlua with kids In 1984, a chocolate little labradorgirl, Älvgårdens Kahlua, came to our family and we became more active with the dogs again. Dogshows and trials were a big part of our lives and more dogs came to the kennel...

The dogs are still trained for hunting and blood-tracking even though the eagerness to compete have grown less. Of course, dogshows are attended as well.

We think that it is important to inform the buyers of the labradors many fields of application and to help with the training for hunting and blood-tracking.



Lillimars kennel
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